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Protection Instruction & Special Forces Training
TOP-SECURE currently trains Presidential and National Guards and Special Forces units in several countries around the world. We are also consultants to a number of end-user governments with regard to their security concerns. TOP-SECURE also trains counter-terrorism units worldwide. These training programs and courses conducted by TOP-SECURE specialists can be conducted either in Israel or abroad as per client preference. Periodic refresher training is available after deployment of operatives to their designated assignments.

TOP-SECURE designs tailor-made training courses in the protection of Diplomatic Missions and Key Installations for Government Agency/Law Enforcement and Corporate Security Officers and other qualified personnel. These courses are based on the latest Israeli counter-terrorism know-how.

TOP-SECURE units are cross-trained in many different areas of expertise:


Training courses in various aspects of combat tailored to meet the needs and circumstances of each client. Theoretical material accompanies the main focus on hands-on training and tactical exercises on the use of various firearms in different combat situations and highly effective hand-to-hand combat methods developed in Israel as well as various forms of martial arts and sniper training.


Tactical Assault teams

Tactical and combat training for assault units, anti-terror units and SWAT teams. Course content can be customized and can include:

  • introduction to terrorist and organized crime activity in terms of trends and modi operandi;
  • security doctrines and tactical thinking; hand-to-hand combat and the diverse use of firearms.
  • simulations and operational exercises
  • refresher drills and simulations
  • candidate screening techniques
  • customizing operational procedures taking into account different threats and different scenarios including hostage scenarios
  • defining necessary equipment: weapons, communications and vehicles

Canine Training (for explosives, mines, weapons, narcotics)

K-9 unit training for handlers and dogs for law enforcement and anti-terrorism tasks. Course content can be customized and can include:

  • personal protection;
  • attack;
  • narcotics detection;
  • explosives detection;
  • search and rescue.

TOP-SECURE has highly expert dog trainers who use innovative techniques that maximize training efficiency and attain the best results. Training includes integration into K-9 units in police squads, anti-terrorism units and SWAT teams.

TOP-SECURE works with top dog breeders and can offer clients dogs that have received specialized training for certain areas to help set up new K-9 units.


 Operational Driving courses aggressive and defensive

Training courses in tactical and evasive driving techniques essential to VIP security and protection assignments.


Intelligence gathering and protection

Intelligence Training for both governments and the business sector.

Course content can be customized and can include:

  • surveillance teams - active intelligence gathering
  • counter surveillance teams- avoiding surveillance, protection of information.
  • detection of intelligence activity by foreign bodies or potential adversaries;
  • legal surveillance methods;
  • information gathering by commercial rivals - preventive disclosure of sensitive information to undesirable third parties
  • minimizing the risks of industrial espionage,


 Preemptive tactics

Training in how to conduct searches and sweeps, security screening and security dialogue interview techniques.


 Police Work

Bomb squads
Expert training using Israeli know-how to establish and manage bomb squads. Course content includes detection, dismantling or controlled detonation of explosives using innovative methods including robots.

Training for the establishment of effective policing units. Course content can be customized and can include:

  • maintaining order in local communities;
  • prevention and detection of criminal activity;
  • handling public disorder and demonstrations


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