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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Vip protection

The TOP-SECURE team includes experts in the field of securing VIPs and delegations operatives with extensive experience in planning and implementing security arrangements for high-ranking local and foreign dignitaries, visiting heads of state, business community leaders, media figures and more. This experience includes working in Israel and abroad, where they cooperate fully with local law enforcement or military authorities as needed.

VIP protection
This service is multi-faceted including issues such as:

  • Physical and technological security at the residence
  • Screening of permanent and temporary auxiliary personnel
  • Safe local and international travel for all family members
  • Protection at both work and leisure related activities

Despite these complexities TOP-SECURE operatives know how to do their job with a discretion that minimizes any sense of intrusion or interruption of daily functioning within the family or on the job. This is achieved by paying particular attention to thorough advance planning and preparations to ensure optimal security coverage using models developed by the Israeli Secret Service. One of the unique features of TOP-SECURE service is the provision of very discreet protection. Maintaining a low profile not only provides the client with a work and living environment that is both safe and pleasant, but also helps to identify unusual, suspicious behavior, giving another viewpoint that the attacker is neither used to nor prepared for.

Delegation Security
TOP-SECURE provides protection to delegations both in Israel and abroad. Based on models developed by the Israeli Secret Service's Dignitaries and Delegation Protection Unit, the protection arrangements are optimally adapted to the unique features and needs of each type of delegation - cultural, sports, commercial, etc. The meticulous advanced planning and preparations always include coordination and cooperation with all relevant security and law enforcement organizations.

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