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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Preemptive tactics

Prevention is better than cure. While TOP-SECURE operatives and teams are known for their efficient response in emergency situations, the company offers a variety of services aimed at diffusing a high-risk situation even before it has been created.

Searches and sweeps
TOP-SECURE staff is well trained in effective security search and bomb sweeping methods and are used to working in a wide range of environments and facilities. Their skills are maintained through periodic refresher courses.

Security screening
TOP-SECURE agents are trained to perform security screening of passengers and of individuals at large-scale events, utilizing methods developed by the Israeli Secret Service for El Al Israel Airlines to detect suspicious signs.

TOP-SECURE also offers training in security screening of hand and hold baggage is also offered. Courses include a large number of exercises and role-play situations. Case studies are presented to emphasize crucial points.

Security dialogue
Dialogue is an extremely effective tool used to confirm or refute suspicion that an individual may have hostile intentions. Top-SECURE agents use methodologies developed by the Israeli Secret Service to obtain a large amount of information without antagonizing or the alienating the suspect. 

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