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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Facility protection

Diplomatic Missions & Key Installations
Sensitive facilities comprise a favored target for criminals and terrorists alike. TOP-SECURE specializes in the protection of diplomatic missions, government buildings, airports, airplanes and key land-based and both military and civilian maritime installations and facilities; energy production and storage facilities; essential infrastructure; national landmarks; arenas at which large-scale sports and cultural events are held, and many more. TOP-SECURE also has a Special Division that manages the security needs of manufacturing plants, power generation stations, electricity grids, hydroelectric dams, desalination plants and other essential utilities. TOP-SECURE conducts risk and vulnerability assessments and thereafter devises security programs by combining the most advanced TECHINT and computer software with the latest HUMINT gathering procedures developed in Israel. The experts of TOP-SECURE's Guard Division are the very same individuals that the Government of Israel has entrusted with national security.

TECHINT utilizes a sophisticated computer models to analyze and project the potential casualties and the extent of damage when various alternative security solutions are implemented. This kind of information helps the decision-making process and maximizes cost-effectiveness of the chosen solutions. Where applicable, the security measures are designed and implemented in close cooperation with local regulators and emergency service providers.

In the case of facilities that are in the design stage, TOP-SECURE can also offer security oriented consulting at the infrastructure stage thus helping to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency pertaining to security issues.

Programs designed to protect highly sensitive facilities include the following elements:

  • Specifications of the required security measures
  • Definition of recruitment criteria and applicant screening
  • Theoretical and practical instruction and training for security protocols and tactical approaches to problem solving.
  • Customization of security procedures for both routine and emergency situations
  • Exercises and drills to ensure continued fitness and effectiveness

Corporate and organizational facilities
TOP-SECURE offers a comprehensive security package, which can be fine-tuned to the particular needs of each of its corporate or organizational clients.

Features of this package include:

  • Threat and risk assessment to determine the precise nature and level of risks faced by the organization and its management, taking into account their location, local trends in criminal and terrorist activity, previous hostile incidents against similar organizations, specific threats and many other variables;
  • Development of a unique security concept designed to meet the clients specific, needs and priorities
  • Implementation of a comprehensive security system, designed to protect the organization, its employees, visitors, etc., to ensure the smooth running of its operations and safeguard its reputation;
  • Enhancement of knowledge-related services, such as countering industrial espionage, reinforcing information security, etc.

TOP-SECURE services can be provided either for a specific issue or as ongoing overall support on a retainer basis.

Hotel Security
Terrorist organizations are increasingly motivated to carry out attacks that kill, maim or injure many people as well as destroy economic activity (e.g. 9/11). Past experience shows that soft targets such as hotels can become targets for terrorist attacks. Hotels have a most diverse international clientele and tourism is the life-blood of countries. In addition, international hotel staff and contract suppliers are often composed of people from all over the world, speaking different languages and some may even have difficulties in understanding the requirements of the hotel security plan. This presents special challenges for security planners.

In addition to the threat of terrorist attacks, hotel security plans must take into account conventional security problems concerned with the day-to-day running of a hotel. TOP-SECURE hotel security plans aim at providing trainees and staff with the most up-to-date know-how to improve their current skill sets in all aspects of hotel security in the post-9/11 era. 

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