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Friday, 20 April 2012 15:14


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TOP-SECURE offers exclusive travel services enabling individuals, families and groups to experience unique trips around Israel. Our high-end international clients can enjoy the highest quality, custom-designed, secure tours to various captivating destinations Israel knowing that their personal security is built into the program. Each trip is customized designed to the interests and travel styles of the client.

Logistics and transportation are all pre-planned so the visitors can focus on the important elements of the trip. Whether the agenda includes local attractions, restaurants, museums, galleries, archeological and historical sites, jeep adventures in the desert, scuba diving in the Red Sea, or combining work meetings with entertainment, the itinerary is carefully planned down to the last detail.

Our tour guides are seasoned and highly knowledgeable professionals who know how to share their enthusiasm for the kaleidoscope of Israels history, diversity, vibrance and spirituality with young and old alike. TOP-SECURE provides personalized security and travel services for international dignitaries, celebrities and global business leaders, among many others. Members of our tour protection team are carefully selected from the ranks of the Shin Bet and the IDFs elite combat units.

Friday, 20 April 2012 15:14

Preemptive tactics

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Prevention is better than cure. While TOP-SECURE operatives and teams are known for their efficient response in emergency situations, the company offers a variety of services aimed at diffusing a high-risk situation even before it has been created.

Searches and sweeps
TOP-SECURE staff is well trained in effective security search and bomb sweeping methods and are used to working in a wide range of environments and facilities. Their skills are maintained through periodic refresher courses.

Security screening
TOP-SECURE agents are trained to perform security screening of passengers and of individuals at large-scale events, utilizing methods developed by the Israeli Secret Service for El Al Israel Airlines to detect suspicious signs.

TOP-SECURE also offers training in security screening of hand and hold baggage is also offered. Courses include a large number of exercises and role-play situations. Case studies are presented to emphasize crucial points.

Security dialogue
Dialogue is an extremely effective tool used to confirm or refute suspicion that an individual may have hostile intentions. Top-SECURE agents use methodologies developed by the Israeli Secret Service to obtain a large amount of information without antagonizing or the alienating the suspect. 

Friday, 20 April 2012 15:14

Facility protection

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Diplomatic Missions & Key Installations
Sensitive facilities comprise a favored target for criminals and terrorists alike. TOP-SECURE specializes in the protection of diplomatic missions, government buildings, airports, airplanes and key land-based and both military and civilian maritime installations and facilities; energy production and storage facilities; essential infrastructure; national landmarks; arenas at which large-scale sports and cultural events are held, and many more. TOP-SECURE also has a Special Division that manages the security needs of manufacturing plants, power generation stations, electricity grids, hydroelectric dams, desalination plants and other essential utilities. TOP-SECURE conducts risk and vulnerability assessments and thereafter devises security programs by combining the most advanced TECHINT and computer software with the latest HUMINT gathering procedures developed in Israel. The experts of TOP-SECURE's Guard Division are the very same individuals that the Government of Israel has entrusted with national security.

TECHINT utilizes a sophisticated computer models to analyze and project the potential casualties and the extent of damage when various alternative security solutions are implemented. This kind of information helps the decision-making process and maximizes cost-effectiveness of the chosen solutions. Where applicable, the security measures are designed and implemented in close cooperation with local regulators and emergency service providers.

In the case of facilities that are in the design stage, TOP-SECURE can also offer security oriented consulting at the infrastructure stage thus helping to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency pertaining to security issues.

Programs designed to protect highly sensitive facilities include the following elements:

  • Specifications of the required security measures
  • Definition of recruitment criteria and applicant screening
  • Theoretical and practical instruction and training for security protocols and tactical approaches to problem solving.
  • Customization of security procedures for both routine and emergency situations
  • Exercises and drills to ensure continued fitness and effectiveness

Corporate and organizational facilities
TOP-SECURE offers a comprehensive security package, which can be fine-tuned to the particular needs of each of its corporate or organizational clients.

Features of this package include:

  • Threat and risk assessment to determine the precise nature and level of risks faced by the organization and its management, taking into account their location, local trends in criminal and terrorist activity, previous hostile incidents against similar organizations, specific threats and many other variables;
  • Development of a unique security concept designed to meet the clients specific, needs and priorities
  • Implementation of a comprehensive security system, designed to protect the organization, its employees, visitors, etc., to ensure the smooth running of its operations and safeguard its reputation;
  • Enhancement of knowledge-related services, such as countering industrial espionage, reinforcing information security, etc.

TOP-SECURE services can be provided either for a specific issue or as ongoing overall support on a retainer basis.

Hotel Security
Terrorist organizations are increasingly motivated to carry out attacks that kill, maim or injure many people as well as destroy economic activity (e.g. 9/11). Past experience shows that soft targets such as hotels can become targets for terrorist attacks. Hotels have a most diverse international clientele and tourism is the life-blood of countries. In addition, international hotel staff and contract suppliers are often composed of people from all over the world, speaking different languages and some may even have difficulties in understanding the requirements of the hotel security plan. This presents special challenges for security planners.

In addition to the threat of terrorist attacks, hotel security plans must take into account conventional security problems concerned with the day-to-day running of a hotel. TOP-SECURE hotel security plans aim at providing trainees and staff with the most up-to-date know-how to improve their current skill sets in all aspects of hotel security in the post-9/11 era. 

Friday, 20 April 2012 15:13

Event protection

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Event Security
Top-Secure offers comprehensive event security packages that provide protection for parliamentary sessions, inter-governmental summits, government seminars, business conferences, corporate events such as annual general meetings and international mega sporting events such as the Athens Olympics of 2004.

Our Staff is highly trained to coordinate and work in close cooperation with event organizers and host governments, and to identify and analyze potential risks that could arise and cause safety hazards during events which can involve thousands of people.

Securing events is an extremely complicated task, with a large number of variables. The type of event (official reception, major sports event; VIP wedding reception, etc.) the specific characteristics of the venue, the guests, the producers of the event and management of the site, various service providers (caterers, waiters, photographers, florists, musicians, to name a few) must all be taken into account. In addition, all security and protection activities must be fully coordinated with local law enforcement and emergency responses services. At the same time, the high-level security arrangements must remain discreet so as not to disrupt the atmosphere and smooth running of the event. Security staff must remain invisible to the participants

All this means that securing an event involves a meticulous planning and advance preparations, and not only the posting of security agents at the site. The TOP-SECURE event security teams know how to apply the expertise and experience acquired during their work in the Israeli Secret Service in order to offer a turnkey solution for every occasion and every venue.

Friday, 20 April 2012 15:13

Transportation protection

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Secure Transportation
TOP-SECURE's secure transportation services provide air and ground transportation with the highest level of comfort, convenience, safety and security.

Transportation solutions include:

  • Advance arrangements
  • Security briefings upon arrival
  • Expert drivers trained in personal security and defensive driving
  • Fully insured fleet
  • English-speaking drivers
  • Call center assistance

TOP-SECURE's secure transportation support can be used as a stand-alone service or along with our other elite professional security services.

A wide range of vehicles, including luxury armored sedans and SUVs, is available to provide ground transportation. We utilize armored vehicles when risks warrant. Air transport is reserved for meeting extraordinary security concerns and to facilitate tight schedules.

Friday, 20 April 2012 15:12

Vip protection

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The TOP-SECURE team includes experts in the field of securing VIPs and delegations operatives with extensive experience in planning and implementing security arrangements for high-ranking local and foreign dignitaries, visiting heads of state, business community leaders, media figures and more. This experience includes working in Israel and abroad, where they cooperate fully with local law enforcement or military authorities as needed.

VIP protection
This service is multi-faceted including issues such as:

  • Physical and technological security at the residence
  • Screening of permanent and temporary auxiliary personnel
  • Safe local and international travel for all family members
  • Protection at both work and leisure related activities

Despite these complexities TOP-SECURE operatives know how to do their job with a discretion that minimizes any sense of intrusion or interruption of daily functioning within the family or on the job. This is achieved by paying particular attention to thorough advance planning and preparations to ensure optimal security coverage using models developed by the Israeli Secret Service. One of the unique features of TOP-SECURE service is the provision of very discreet protection. Maintaining a low profile not only provides the client with a work and living environment that is both safe and pleasant, but also helps to identify unusual, suspicious behavior, giving another viewpoint that the attacker is neither used to nor prepared for.

Delegation Security
TOP-SECURE provides protection to delegations both in Israel and abroad. Based on models developed by the Israeli Secret Service's Dignitaries and Delegation Protection Unit, the protection arrangements are optimally adapted to the unique features and needs of each type of delegation - cultural, sports, commercial, etc. The meticulous advanced planning and preparations always include coordination and cooperation with all relevant security and law enforcement organizations.

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