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Risk & Vulnerability Assessment
TOP-SECURE creates tailor-made security solutions based on comprehensive risk assessment and client preferences. Every country and every situation is different as are a clients needs, which may be short-term or long-term, high-risk, medium-risk or low-risk. Following the comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessment, we develop a detailed security plan to ensure that all measures are in place to provide immediate and active responses to any and all situations and combinations of circumstances that might arise. We use state-of-the-art firearms, vehicles and communication equipment to ensure client protection. Though we adapt ourselves to the level of threat, we are sensitive to privacy issues and we place special emphasis on covert and low-key operations.

As part of the advanced planning process, TOP-SECURE prepares and executes air and ground travel solutions, accommodations and events, while paying special attention to detail that makes any environment secure yet pleasant. By pre-scouting all possible destinations (such as hotels, meeting sites, etc.), our teams are prepared for all eventualities. We facilitate quick, smooth entry and exit and we address special conditions and the unique circumstances of any environment or venue to deal with potential emergencies and evacuation.

Aviation Security
In designing aviation security and safety systems, TOP-SECURE keeps in mind that airports and airlines, now particularly attractive to terrorist organizations, are primarily civilian and economic entities. Thus these systems must be designed to blend in with the entire facility, without detracting from the intense level of security required.

TOP-SECURE believes that security and safety systems must serve all elements operating within an airport or airline, including access roads, railroads and routes, without hindering their regular day-to-day activities. With so many potential risks, TOP-SECURE requires that all security staff be extremely well trained and backed by the most technologically advanced equipment and methods.

TOP-SECURE provides consultation to airport and airline authorities, as well as the proper training needed by their staff members. TOP-SECURE has a team of internationally trained consultants and instructors who have specializes in aviation security, and can therefore successfully establish aviation security units and security programs for airlines, airports and civil aviation administrations. For example, TOP-SECURE were advisors to the Government of Greece in the building of the two new airports in Athens and Thessalonica in preparation for the Olympic Games of 2004.

TOP-SECURE offers both discrete and turnkey solutions including:

  • Assistance in the formulation of aviation security policies
  • Establishing or upgrading aviation security on a national or regional level in terms of physical infrastructure, technology and routine and emergency procedures
  • Security surveys to map the existing situation at a specific sites
  • Security audits to verify compliance with relevant international and local standards

Public transportation security
Terrorist attacks carried out in the mass public transportation systems in Moscow, Madrid and London have added a new area of concern the world over.

TOP-SECURE has responded to this new type of security threat and offers comprehensive security services for public transportation and mass transit systems. Working closely with the relevant local or governmental bodies, TOP-SECURE can develop a tailor-made, cost-effective system designed to protect passengers, employees and infrastructure, and ensure the smooth running of the mass transit system. Elements of the system include:

  • Selecting the necessary physical and technological equipment
  • Screening, recruiting and training of security personnel
  • Formulation of detailed security procedures for routine and emergency conditions; and ongoing consulting services
  • The security concept and tailored security system are.

The above services may be supplied either as a complete security package, or as separate components, based on priorities defined in cooperation with the client.



Facility Security

TOP-SECURE experts use their broad theoretical knowledge and operational experience gained from their Secret Service work to offer consulting services on to the establishment of security and protection systems for politically and economically sensitive facilities.


Identification and forensic science

The TOP-SECURE team includes former high-ranking members of the Israeli Police Force's special units who can offer expert advice on issues of identification and forensic science, demonstrating the most advanced technologies and work methods.

In addition to initial services such as defining recruitment criteria, equipment specifications and detailed operational procedures, TOP-SECURE can provide ongoing consultancy services, to update and instruct the client on the latest developments in both technology and methodology.


War Games

In war games, the opposing force in a simulated military conflict is known as the "Red Team", and is used to reveal weaknesses in military readiness. TOP-SECURE can provide assessments of system vulnerabilities and limitations, and help in defining the range of possible threats. We help clients identify potential technical and operational challenges, and make sure their defense systems are adequate to cope with adaptive persistent adversaries.

Given the prominence of terrorism and security issues on todays public agenda, TOP-SECURE offers its clients a range of seminars and lectures. Topics relate to diverse facets of security and terrorism, at varying levels of detail and are selected together with our clients, according to their particular concerns and needs.

These highly relevant seminars and lectures have proven to be very popular at corporate conventions and annual meetings and also as part of seminars focusing on specific company activities.

One such seminar on Homeland Security is detailed below:

TOP-SECURE bring law enforcement, first responders, security Professionals and key decision-makers to Israel for real, frontline training focusing on the most important areas of Homeland Security for public safety:

  • Large scale events
  • Shopping and retail
  • Public transportation
  • Ports and Airports
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • University and Schools
  • Government buildings
  • VIP Protection
  • Suicide Terror
  • VBIED's 
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