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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

It’s the 21st century; mobility and the open world, the free competition and tremendous supply of hotel rooms on the one hand, and the increase in international terror, its sophistication and capabilities on the other, have brought about a change in the perception of security pertaining to tourism in general and to hotels in particular. It is now obvious that hotel security is part of the service that we must provide our paying guests. Unlike everything we believed in the past, the modern tourist wants to be able to see that security with his own eyes and to know that there are professionals around who can respond appropriately in case of need. In order to provide such a response we are committed to the establishment of a security setup based on skilled personnel and sophisticated physical mechanisms. Above all, it is clear that the human factor is the key to success: intelligent use of a security team and hotel staff, smart classification of the kinds of guests and the varying levels of risk are the main factors in the security response. The dangers and threats to hotels require a regional setup that will integrate all the hotels in a given area and coordinate with the various authorities (police, firefighters, ambulance service and local authorities). This also means providing professional training appropriate to modern security methods and knowledge about the use of security measures and other tools at the disposal of the security guard. Today the world is open and we can learn from experience, from the handling of events and attacks in hotels and tourist areas around the world (Jordan, Egypt, Bali and so on). Advance organization, preparation of set procedures and the use of a field file (optionally computerized) are the result of conducting an orderly risk survey and constitute a significant part of the security guard’s training course. We are witnessing meetings and transfer of information between those dealing with security in different countries and at conferences and tourism events all over the world. Moshe Duvdevani.

*The author is the Head of Security Division in the Israeli Ministry of Tourism

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